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Scalable Multi-Channel, Multi-touch personalized campaigns in North America, Europe, MENA, SEA, India, LATAM, Oceania regions to generate MQL/SQL appointments within your target accounts.

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    ABM at Scale

    Engage decision makers in your target accounts

    We work together to design your ICPs, offerings, outreach channels to provide a multi-touch, multi-channel outreach to your ABM accounts and book calendar appointments with decision makers.



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    Get appointments globally

    Our team work with clients to outreach target accounts in Asia, MENA, North America, Europe, Oceania, LATAM and Africa. We delivered predictable appointments from CXOs, VPs, Directors or Heads across all major target industries.

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    What Customers Are Saying?

    100+ companies across IT industry trusted us for experience, delivery, faster turnaround and execution skills as their success partner.

    ABM At Scale

    Whats Covered

    Measurable. Scalable. Affordable. We deliver you a full-service outbound marketing program, focused on each stage of the marketing funnel. We design and executed successful ABM program to engage decision makers in your target accounts.

    Ideal Segments

    We discuss with you to identify ideal segments for your short and long term sales needs and define them.

    Inside Sales

    Inside sales representative reach out to prospects using your email ids, LinkedIn profiles, handle response and book calendar appointments.


    The research team works with you to source-target accounts and decision-maker data based on ideal customer profiles (ICPs).


    Team will monitor engagement across channels and optimize segments, messaging and pitches to improve results

    Messaging and Pitches

    Content development team designs and optimize messaging, pitches and call scripts for multi-touch outreach.


    Team will co-ordinate on emails, Slack, Whatsapp, Skype to schedule meetings as per your availability and provide updates.

    ABM At Scale

    What you will get?

    You will get personalised multi-channel, multi-touch campaigns to your target accounts with above 90% penetration coverage and consistent appointments with decision makers.

    Salesaladin Team

    Your Salesaladin Team - Researcher, Inside Sales, ABM Specialist and Account Manager

    Multi-Channel Outreach

    Multi-channel, Multi-touch marketing campaigns across LinkedIn, Emails WhatsApp and Calls

    Accounts Intelligence

    Bespoke intelligence about target accounts based on your defined criteria.

    Qualified Appointments

    Consistent MQL/SQL appointments with decision makers within your target accounts every month

    Contacts Database

    Team will research and find decision makers, their contacts details and share database


    Detailed analytics about engagement within target accounts like open, click, download, reply etc

    ABM At Scale

    ABM Engagement Models

    We offer customizable ABM programs which you can choose based on your needs and budgets. Our minimum plan starts at $800/month with an annual commitment.

    Short Term

    Billed Monthly

    3 months Contract
    Targeting 300+ accounts monthly
    Target 1000+ decision makers monthly
    4 – 5 MQL/SQL Appointments/month
    Accounts and contacts database
    Email and LinkedIn Outreach
    Responses Handling
    Calendar Appointments Booking
    Team – Part-time
    Researcher Team – Part-time
    Inside Sales Rep Team – Part-time
    Account Manager
    Fortnightly review meetings
    Monthly ABM strategy sessions
    Live reports on Google Sheet

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    Medium Term

    Billed Monthly

    6 months contract Target 500+ accounts monthly Target 1500+ decision makers monthly 4 – 5+ MQL/SQL Appointments/month Outreach on Email, LinkedIn, Calls Accounts and Contacts database 5 step outreach to each contact Warm calls, VMs and SMSs Responses Handling Calendar Appointments Booking Team – Full-time Researcher Team – Part-time Inside Sales Rep Team – Part-time Account Manager Weekly Review Meetings Fortnightly ABM strategy sessions Live reports on Google Sheet

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    Billed Quaterly

    12 months contract Revenue Oriented Program Targeting 500+ accounts monthly Targeting 2000+ decision makers monthly 6 – 8+ MQL/SQL Appointments/month ABM Strategy and Execution Multi-channel Outbound Strategy 15+ Steps Multi-touch Outreach All Outreach Channels Leads Qualifications Responses Handling Calendar Appointments Booking Leads Nurturing Post Meetings follow ups Team – 2 Full-time Sr. Researcher Team – Full-time Sr. Inside Sales Rep Team – Part-time Sr. ABM specialist Team – Part-time Account Manager Weekly review meetings Fortnightly ABM strategy sessions Live reports on Google Sheet

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    Your Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What channels do you use for ABM marketing?

    We discuss and choose outreach channels based on your budgets for your ABM marketing programs which covers Email Drips, Linkedin Connections, SMS or WhatsApp, Calls or ABM advertisements on social channels.

    Do you research target accounts or we need to provide?

    We work both ways, if you have any target accounts list we can work on that and enhance it or you can give us a criteria, our research team will research target accounts for you and share list of ABM accounts. We can research accounts based on industry, geography, revenue, employee size, product or services offered by an organization.

    Do you share contacts database with us?

    Yes, all accounts and contacts database including their engagement analytics and responses will be shared with you on Google Drive. If you have any custom requirement for data sharing that can also be provided.

    How do we track performance of campaigns?

    Salesaladin team will update all data points including accounts, contacts, responses, engagement stats etc on Google drive sheets which you have full access. Apart from this, we will be having weekly or fortnightly calls to discuss progress, activities and next action plan to make it a success for you.

    Do you offer a trial program?

    Yes, we offer short term (3 months) trial or pilot program. It is a paid program, we do not offer any free trial engagement. This short term program can help you see quality of our services, demand in market and test your offerings within your target accounts.

    Do you offer any commitment in your program?

    Yes, we offer commitments in terms of accounts penetration, engagement and appointments on quarterly basis. Our clients are able to get minimum 400% ROI on investment with us within 1 year of engagement. We do not commit or offer any ROI on programs less than 6 months.