Why Clients are NOT choosing YOU for their Mobile App Development Project?

Smartphone changes the meaning of the mobile phone. Now phones are not only used to communicate but also used for various purposes. There are different types of mobile apps in the market such as games app, utility app, educational app, social media app and many more.

Due to a rapid increase in the usage of smartphone, demand for a user-centric mobile app is also increasing. The mobile app is a good source of marketing and facilitates to connect with the customers, which in turn, has increased the demand for the products and services, thus resulting in the high jump in the ROI of the business. Let’s take a look at what App development companies are missing, which is leading to a lesser number of projects in their bucket-

  • Having In proficient and lesser experienced team
  • Freelancer is capturing market
  • Lack of Business Understanding
  • Inefficient and low UI/ UX design skills
  • Not having strong certification and credentials
  • Budget constraints
  • Lack of Agile software development
  • Not sound in Touch Screen Usage
  • Don’t believe in Beta Testing
  • Improper integration with third party payment gateways

There are a number of mobile app developers available in the market who can develop the app. Thus, getting a mobile app developer is not a big challenge but to unearth the true app developer who can understand your needs, aspiration, and requirements is a big challenge, which every app owner is facing nowadays. As he plays an important role in bringing business benefits.

You can’t afford to select the wrong partner, as it may curb your productivity and you may face the following consequences:

  • Wastage of time and money
  • Lose credibility in the market
  • Lose business
  • Inappropriate design and working processes frustrate the customer
  • Bad reviews lead to negative publicity
  • Damage brand reputation

Here we’ve mentioned a few points and reasons due to which the client refuses to select most of the app developers:

In proficiency and lesser experienced team of developers

When a client needs a customized app, which should include advanced features – it’s always recommended that you should opt a well-versed and adept developer, who has sound knowledge and right skill-set. He should be capable of easily handling the project and makes necessary arrangements for future requirements also.

Another major reason that contributes to this reason – Less knowledge and less experience can result in not meeting the deadlines and delays the project too.

Freelancer capturing the market

A lot of companies hire freelancers in order to curb the budget and avoid rigorous company processes. But hiring freelancers to come with its own challenges including

  • Building an app can’t be handled properly single-handedly. As it includes a long and step-by-step process – so teamwork is always suggested to avoid any mismanagement and it will definitely add value to it
  • Freelancers work on different projects at the same time. So they can’t spend a lot of time on your project as they are engaged with different projects.
  • Freelancer may not have expertise or experience in your domain or segment.

Lack of Business Understanding

An app developer should not only good at coding but also have a good understanding of the business process. This will help to build the framework of the app design and easily understand the aspirations and requirements of his clients.

So it’s always recommended to hire an app developer who has a sound knowledge of your business and your target audience.

Budget constraints

When you are searching for an iOS/ Andriod application developer don’t have budget constraints. Customized app development is a high- quality work for which you have to pay as per the requirements.

Don’t look for a low-cost developer because the low paid developer won’t be able to provide the best services. So it is better to choose a high-quality service provider who is experienced and expert in that segment rather than choosing a low-cost developer.

UI/ UX design skills

According to Statista.com, 40% of mobile apps are refused due to bad user experience and poor design. Hence, the success of the app highly depends on the user interface and experience rather than the design of the app. So before hiring the developer, you should check his/her past work experience, portfolio, and deliverables.

While choosing a UI/UX look for their customers’ reviews too. As an adept designer have a sound connection with their existing customers.

Certification and Credentials

The app developer should have the required certificates and credentials. It is always worthy to hire a properly certified app developer. He will provide high-quality work. Check if the developer has extensive knowledge of various emerging programming languages and concepts like User experience [UX] design, Python, Application programming interface [APIs], PHP, HTML/CSS, Swift, and JavaScript, etc.

Agile software development

In Agile development, both requirement and solution evolve by the collaborative effort of both the teams – self-organizing and cross-functional and their end user. The developer should adopt an agile software development approach to cope-up with easy modification. The process should be flexible enough to adapt to new developments.

Touch Screen Usage

The App should use more touch accessibility rather than the use of the keyboard. The design of the app should include minimal use of keyboard and users must have more experience of touch-based. Touch-based apps are more customer-friendly and user-friendly.

Beta Testing

Beta Testing is the acceptance testing type that adds value to the product as the real user certifies the product’s functionality, usability, compatibility, and reliability. Beta testing is important as it delivers the true experience of the real user while using the app.

Data Security and incorporating the Third-party interface

The app should be secured from the malfunctioning and hacking the important data. Secure codes should be practiced and effective measures need to be taken in order to avoid insecure storage and privacy violation.

On another hand, the developer should make necessary measures to make the app completely secure especially those apps that include payment gateway integrations. It will improve customer retention and increase the percentage of customer retention too. Key features like payment integration, Pay pal will help in making customer care process more smooth and will make the app to make more customer friendly.

Hope by considering the above-mentioned points you’ll be able to develop a well-versed mobile app. Always remember – “With hard work, you have to do smart work to earn extraordinary rewards”