We are not just a marketing company rather a outcome driven partner whose single aim is to grow your business We bring 15 years of experience and proven lead generation strategies to market your business globally and generate consistent marketing or sales qualified opportunities (MQL/SAL) on month on month basis at scale.

We do the hard work to understand your business goals, your offering and identify large enough target audience lists to market your business. We reach out to them across channels with personalised pitches on your behalf using your company email address or LinkedIn accounts and qualify them if they are ready to discuss your offering or have an opportunity for you. We do this at scale as per your requirements and help your sales managers close these opportunities to grow your business.

Our Success Mantra

We bring opportunities, you close these opportunities and win new client, you deliver great results and earn repeat business from them without any fees.

Marketing Strategy


Our account manager will work collaboratively with you to define target market, target industries, size of business and target titles who are best fit for your business offering. 

  • Business Offering 
  • Your CaseStudies
  • Your Strength
  • Idle Customer
  • Target Countries
  • Target Industries
  • Right Titles
  • Right Strategy

Prospects & Pitches

Data & Content

Our content team write pitches, sequences and social pitches and get it approved by you. Our data team prepares list of targeted contact lists with all relevant information and remove do not contact domains.

  • Email Pitches
  • Drip Sequence
  • Social Pitches
  • Contact Lists
  • Verification
  • Your Approval
  • A/B Pitches
  • Collaboration

Campaigns & Responses


Inside sales representative will prepare a campaign calendar, discuss it with you and reach out to thousands of decision makers daily in white-label manner to generate their interest and answer their responses.

  • Campaigns
  • Calendars
  • Email Tools
  • LinkedIn 
  • Drip Sequences
  • LinkedIn Picthes
  • Responses
  • Engagement

Qualification & Appointment


Inside sales representative will ask qualification questions as per your defined/agreed criteria to quality prospects and book your calendars to schedule these appointments. he will also follow to make meetings happen.

  • Questioning 
  • Qualification
  • Requirements
  • Calendars
  • Appointments
  • Followups
  • CRM Updates
  • Pipeline

Followups & Closure

Sales Support

Our aim is to help you generate revenue and earn lifetime customer. Unlike other companies, we work with your sales team to do post meeting follow ups, schedule future appointments, requirement or proposal followups till deal is closed.

  • Sales Support
  • Follow ups
  • Nurturing
  • Collaboration
  • Requirements
  • Proposals
  • Deal Closure
  • Lifetime Client

Lifetime Business

100% Success

We work tirelessly with a single focus to provide 100% success to our clients. Our objective is to give you direct exclusive clients who can give you repeat business without incurring any additional fees. If you grows, we will grow.

  • New Logos
  • Lifetime Client
  • Repeat Business
  • Zero Commision
  • Commitment
  • Consistent
  • You Grow
  • We Grow


You may have lots of questions and need clarifications. Following are some of commonly asked questions.

We understand your business offering, analyse your past work, learn about high margin clients and talk to you who you want to do business with. Based on above information, our research team gathers right contacts to market your business at scale.

Onboarding process differ from company to company and their specific needs, typically it takes around 1 week to start campaigns and sometimes we even start campaigns in 2 days.

We contact your idle prospects multiple times during 3-5 weeks who may be in need of your business offerings. We do this via emails, LinkedIn and calls. Campaign is to reach out to a list of prospects. Each campaign may run for 3 to 5 weeks duration.

It depends on each business or demand and competition in the market. Some customers start getting opportunities from 1st week itself and for some it takes 2-3 weeks to generate 1st opportunity. For enterprise clients, usually it takes 2-3 weeks to see 1st opportunity.

These prospects belong to you exclusively and all contact information, communication with them is updated within your CRM system.

No, we do not charge any additional fees if you are getting repeat business from a client. If you keep your client happy, you can grow his account and earn lifetime revenue from him.