Client has earned its place as a niche provider of advanced technology products and solutions since its incorporation in 2008. Building their reputation early on through strategic relationships and referrals, Client approached SalesAladin team to create and setup a stronger sales and marketing process, tools to capture, nurture, engage, close and retain customers. Their vision was to empower their sales and marketing team with tools and best practices to grow revenue and their brand.


Client’s marketing team was proactive in involving their sales team in our creative strategy process. We established a collective effort to setup and customise a CRM and email automation system that would enable their sales team and generate new leads, while maintaining the brand guidelines and identity that client’s founding team set forth.

SalesAladin team is very clear from the start to implement complete sales process, playbook and sales tools to empower our teams. I can recommend them to others.


The launch of the new Client website and sales enablement with right tools and processes, their team was able to identify and segment leads from all channels and focus on hot leads.The newly established strategy of content driven marketing combined with interactive sales tools, provided for a winning strategy. This resulted in 38% more closure with 6 months of implementation of this new processes.