Discovery and Audit

Our experts ask you trivial questions to uncover hidden truths, understand your business situation, growth aspirations, past marketing channel performances etc and identify areas of improvement and help with winning growth strategy.

  • Understanding your business services or products
  • Understanding your target markets, past experiences or channels used
  • Asking strategic or trivial questions to uncover truths about what is stopping your growth?
  • Identifying your business growth aspirations and how you can achieve it?
  • Defining a growth strategy to build scalable growth engine for your business


Strategy and 12-month growth plan

Our growth strategist work with you to define a Go-To-Market strategy to identify right strategy and channels to bring new business and prepare a 12-month marketing calendar to consistently engage right decision makers and build trust.

  • Define your Go-T0-Market strategy to attract-engage-convert clients
  • Identify, setup and prepare marketing channels based on historical insights and best practices.
  • Prepare a 12 month calendar to consistently build long term trust to win clients when they are ready to buy.


Market Research and Database Collection

Our market research team works with sales reps as per your target market to conduct a thorough demand survey and identify sweet spot for your product or services. They research, mine, procure and verify each right decision maker contact and categorise them into segments for outreach.

  • Defining right decision makers and right markets for your business
  • Manual research of 10,000 target decision makers who have high probability of need for your product or services
  • Daily verification of decision makers for emails, phones or social profiles manually and verification tools
  • All contact database is segmented based on persona’s for personalised manual outreach
  • All leads are fed into your CRM or maintained on Google Sheets for you


Creative Scripting and A/B Pitches

Our creative content writers and sales experts create a series of personalised pitches for each segment/persona for email, LinkedIn and voice channels to attract, engage and convert right prospects.

  • Sales Reps and  Content Writers create personalised pitches, messaging for each segment and outreach channel.
  • Weekly new messaging is created based on offer, value, benefits, needs or marketing funnel stage.
  • Data-Driven daily analysis and iterations of subject lines
  • Email, LinkedIn and Voice personalised manual outreach


Personalised Sales Outreach

Our sales reps under account manager performs personalised value or data driven sales outreach to bring only qualified appointments or sales opportunities using innovative 3 channel engagement strategy to maximise results. All outreach happens in white-label manner using your email accounts, linkedIn accounts etc.

  • White-label personalised 1:1 manual outreach via email, LinkedIn and Warm calling
  • Event or trigger based follow-ups via email, social or warm calls
  • 1:1 relationship and trust building with target prospects on your behalf
  • Our personalised approach results in 35% more results compared to traditional approach
  • Sales Reps only setup appointments (MQL/SQL) when buyer is ready to evaluate you via discovery call for your product or services
  • Continuous nurturing and follow-ups of cold leads and setup of next calls when buyer is ready to buy.
  • Sales Reps works with you till opportunity is generated or deals are closed.


Pipeline Management and Nurturing

Team performs weekly iteration with different pitches or value propositions to maximise results. Reps logs all positive communication in your CRM or Google Sheets. They handle all responses on your behalf, call positive prospects, quality them and set-up appointments for you. So, you only get MQL/SQL as defined by you.

  • Only meet MQL/SQL buyers who are ready to evaluate you via discovery calls with you.
  • No-more wasting of your time on unnecessary calls
  • We handle all responses and nurture leads till they are ready
  • We maintain all follow-ups in your CRM or on Google Sheets
  • We work with you till deals are closed


Reporting and Metrics

Team maintains detailed records of all metrics using Google Sheets and share them over weekly calls or monthly strategy calls. We keep up you updated all the time to make sure you get a total value on your investments.

  • We maintain all stats or analytics to improve performance
  • We perform daily, weekly or month analysis of outreach data
  • We share or discuss these metrics with you and educate you about possible outcomes
  • We create a honest and transparent process to bring results to you


Premium Services

As buying patterns are changing and today’s buyers do a thorough research before engaging vendors. We augment and amplify your digital presence with creative and strategy content solutions to build a trustworthy brand for yourself.

  • Marketing Collateral Development
  • Sales Process Re-engineering
  • Creative and Content Writing Services
  • Website Live-Chat Support Services
  • Quora or Community Management Services
  • Account Profiling Services
  • Social Activity and Promotion Services
  • Online Reputation and Review Services