Success Stories

Lead Generation for Salesforce projects globally

Client Background

Client is a niche 5 year old IT Service provider having offices in India and USA. Client is providing web, mobile and Salesforce application development services to start-ups, small and mid-size businesses globally. Building their reputation early on through strategic relationships and referrals, Client approached SalesAladin team to setup outbound marketing team to create new demand, enable their sales team to grow revenue.

Salesaladin Strategy

Client’s sales and management team was very proactive in collaborating and finalising result driven demand generation strategy. We established a collective effort to develop a LinkedIn presence, targeted email drip campaigns and specific consultative calling approach to generate new qualified opportunities for their sales team, while maintaining the brand guidelines and identity that Client’s founding team set forth.


With omni-channel outbound strategy to attract, engage and close targeted prospects, client was able to add many new clients within 10 months with this new sales channel. The newly established strategy of outbound marketing combined with marketing automation and new sales playbook provided a winning strategy for client. Client was able to achieve 100% jump in number of website visitors, inbound inquiries along with 47 qualified prospects within 10 months of engagement.