Do you have answer to prospect’s questions?


Prospects can come from any country, any culture, may have unique needs and wants.They may or may not have past experience working with vendors. They may be skeptical about vendor working on your their projects. They may have varied budgets and expectations for engaging a vendor to help them achieve their business and life goals.

As a responsive and responsible vendor/service provider, your job is to make your prospect comfortable in doing business with you. You may be having best quality of service but if you are not able to onboard your prospect and answer his initial objects honestly and transparently, you will not be able to win his business.

In my experience of selling software services for many SMB IT services companies, I experienced below major questions being asked by my prospects. You may find them helpful to prepare your call with your prospects.

No Prior Experience with Vendors

There are prospects who never tried or hired a vendor to help them with their business. These kind of prospects are happy in their situations but did overlook benefits of having a good vendor to help in non-core or core activities. Vendors are experts in their skillsets and can help to reduce cost and time to do activities than prospects. May be prospects are not aware of or explored them before. If this is the case, they may ask you following objections.

  • We do work in-house and do not outsource work.
  • We do not have outsourcing policy.
  • We did not tried outsourcing before and not sure if that works.
  • We are too small to outsource work to someone else.
  • If I outsource work to you then what my employees will do.
  • I am not sure how can you help my business?
  • I am not sure what you do can for me?

Had Previous Experience

There are prospects who have tried or hired a vendor to help them with their business. These prospects may have mixed experiences with vendors. Some may be super happy with vendors and continue to build relationships with them, some have burnt their fingers one or multiple times and do not want to engage any vendor in future. Important point to note that, these prospects are know benefits of vendors and eager to explore them provided if you can make them comfortable and win them. If not handled well, you will not be able to get business from them. They may have following questions or objections.

  • We are all set.
  • We have own vendors and very satisfied with them. Not looking for new vendors.
  • We tried it before but it did not worked out. We had to follow up to get response.
  • We tried many vendors but it did not work out for us.
  • We tried it before but quality was not there, we have to rework everything.
  • We tried but communication and time difference did not work out for us.

Exploring Vendors

There are prospects who are currently exploring vendors or kind of open to this idea. They completely understand benefits of having vendors when need arises. They may or may not be prepared to engage vendors as of yet. As a vendor, you must try to build relationships with such prospects and make them comfortable to do business with you. They may be skeptical and ask lot of questions before they engage you. They may have following questions or objections.

  • How do you guys work?
  • How will you do project management?
  • Whom shall we talk to daily basis?
  • How you will ensure quality of deliverables?
  • How will you share status reports and meet deadlines?
  • How my IP rights secure with you?
  • What are your rate structure?
  • How will you support post delivery of project?
  • Do you have local resources who can meet us when needed?
  • How many revisions are allowed in work?
  • What warrantee you can provide for work?

Value Seeking Prospects or Entrepreneur

There are prospects who are looking to hire vendors to help them in their business. But they may or may not have required expertise. They are looking to get maximum value of their investments and can take long time to finalise a vendor. They may have lots of questions and will do proper due diligence. They may contact 2 or more vendors and compare their proposals and seek value from each of them. Trust me, they want to do business but you need to make sure they are getting best value compared to your competitor. They may have following questions or objections.

  • Your rate structure is higher.
  • We are getting low price or rates for this project.
  • We are getting long support period or warrantee.
  • Another vendor is giving us free stuff.
  • Another vendor is completing project early. You are taking too much time.