7 Steps to make Email Marketing work for your business


When it comes to prospect, email prospecting is first to come to mind to a business. It is easy to start prospecting via email. You may think, it is just to collect 100+ contact emails and send them any prospecting email message about your services. You will get 5-10 positive responses and you will win 2-3 deals. Well in this digital era, when buyers are flooded with such emails and lots of online media available to educate prospects, this random email prospecting does not provide good results.

Email prospecting is evolved a lot and continuously evolving with marketing automation system and digital tracking technologies available. So, as a business owner or email marketer, your job is to understand this situation and take steps to generate maximum ROI on your email prospecting campaigns.

Nowadays, you can easily track who opens your email, clicks on a link, goes to your landing page or visits specific pages on your website etc. So, this gives ample insights about how your prospects is learning about your company. These insights will help you decide how to engage such prospects with your business.

These kind of tracking certainly increased a lot effort on email marketer and he need to analyse lot of data points to make it successful.

In my experience of 15 years as digital marketer, I have sent close to 1M emails to my prospects and understand nitty gritty of what works and what does not.

“How is email marketing evolved over a period? How to get maximum ROI on your email prospecting efforts?”

In this article, I am going to show you step by step process to get maximum ROI on your email prospecting campaigns.

Step 1 – Knowledge about your services/products

This is a very important step to make your campaign effective. Unless you know what services you want to pitch or products to sell and how they will benefit your prospects?. You will not be able to make a compelling email copy.

Step 2 – Know your prospects and segment them

If you know your services/products well, you will be able to identify prospects who might need such services/products. As you know, prospects comes in different shapes and sizes, sending similar messaging to each one will not result in desired results. So, it is necessary to segment them into smaller cohorts.

Step 3 – Prepare 3 email messages copy per segment

Now, as a next step, you need to create 3 different email messages which will resonate well with your segments. Why three? Well variety is way of life, different people like different things, so having 3 messages copy will give you right analytics to know what messaging works best with your segments and you can build upon that.

You will also need to define email campaign cadence with minimum 3 follow-up email touch points to prospects. Most of time, you will not get any response on your first email.

Step 4 – Find email addresses of prospects

Now, you need to find email addresses of prospects to send them your email prospecting campaigns. You can easily find email address by google search, various plugins like Rapportive, Clearbit, Salesloft etc. or you may want to find a reliable B2B list provider to get pre-segmented and pre-verified data. If you are buying data, make sure it is opt-in database and you must run email verification before you send any email to such data. Otherwise you will affect authority of your domain and IP address which may be marked as spam by ISPs or companies.

Step 5 – Choose an Email Marketing Software

Now, you have all prerequisite and you are all excited to send email campaigns. It is a very important step to find a good email marketing software which provides easy tracking of campaigns. There are many email marketing software available starting with USD 20/month to USD 2000/month. Depending upon your needs and budget you can buy any subscription.

Some basic softwares will provide stats like Open Rate, Click Rate, Bounce Rate, Spam Rate, Unsubscribe Rate etc.

Advance tools will provide features like website page tracking, time spent on each page, auto-responders based on user actions on your site etc.

Step 6 – Test of your campaign

Now you have email marketing software, you can upload your prospect list and email messages to your software and create campaign you want to send. But before you send campaign to your prospects, make sure to test it.

“Test your campaign message on browsers and devices. Check for format, length, spellings, links, grammar etc”

Step 7 – Monitor, Analyse and Improve

This is final step, as you have executed campaign, you need to monitor your email campaign to get insights like open, click, spam and unsubscribe. You can analyse these stats and see what works in your campaign? With this information you can improve your next campaigns and increase your ROI.